Paddling on the Moldau

Short description

Making a one-day or more-day trip on the water.


Paddling on the Moldau is the perfect activity for all who like water.
You can rent some boats & then you are taken to another town with the bus from where you can paddle all the way down back to Inge-tours Headquarter. There are many different experiences, such as being on calm water with just nature around you for a whole day or exhausting paddling through shoots for a long period of time.
When you are not on water you can see a lot of cool things in all the villages next to the Moldau.

Here is a report of the first day of a Scout whose group had their camp on the Moldau:
"We met on a friday evening to drive to the Czech Republic. We were all looking forward to it, because we had been told that paddling is a lot of fun. We went by night train and arrived in Rybnik in the morning, from where we went to Vissi Brod. There we got a kayak always two people toghether. The first stage was about 10 kilometers. Then we had lunch. In the afternoon we paddled for another 11 kilometers. With no power left we arrived in the Camp 'u fika' where we built our tents and cooked. We had a nice evening all toghether in the camp and were looking forward to the next few days of paddling."