• Category:
    Word games
  • General location:
    can be played anywhere
  • Equipment needed:
    - pens
    - slips of paper
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    not messy at all
Short description

How fast do you know all the letters of the alphabet? In this game you need to make sentences beginning with all the letters of the alphabet.


Everyone needs to write down a topic to talk about on a slip of paper and next to it one letter of the alphabet. Then two or three people take one of these slips and then they must start a conversation with one another regarding the topic. The catch is that they have to begin each sentence with a letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter written in the slip of paper. They must follow the conversation through the alphabet, ending back with letter in which they started.

Example: swimming, H

Player 1 - "Hey, I'll go swimming, wanna come?"

Player 2 - "I'd love to, but I don't have a bathing suit"

Player 3 - "Just come, I can take one with me for you.

Player 1 - "Kira said she would go bathing too."

Player 2 - "Last time she was fifty minutes late!"

Player 3 - "Maybe she'll make it on time today."

And so on until they arrive back at H to finish. There are to possibilities how you can classify the winner: You can either time them, cut them off at 60 seconds and then go on to another group and see who gets the farthest in 60 seconds, or you can let them finish the alphabet and see which group finishes their topic and alphabet in the fastest amount of time.