Bad Neighbour

  • General location:
    anywhere where chairs have a good underground & where is enough space
  • Equipment needed:
    - one chair per person
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    depends on you
Short description

A little warning to those who want to play the game: clear the room of precious things, it can get a little wild, because you are changing places all the time!


Make a circle with chairs. Everybody sits in a chair exept of one person who stands in the middle. The person in the middle asks someone in the circle if she or he likes his or her neighbour. The person selected then has to state either yes or no. If it is 'no' the people in the chairs on each side of him or her have to change seats quickly. The person who is in the middle tries to be quicker than they are, so she or he doesn't have to stand in the middle anymore. If he or she really manages to be quicker, the now unseated neighbour has to be the person in the middle. If it is 'yes, I love my neighbours, except those who (fill in the blank with characteristics eg ...are wearing blue, ...have brown hair, tennis, etc) everyone who fits the description has to jump up & change seats, while the person in the middle tries to steal one. The person who has no seat in the end has to stay in the middle & ask another person if she or he likes his or her neighbours.