Capture the flag

  • Category:
    Strategy games
  • General location:
  • Equipment needed:
    Two sticks, two pieces of fabric, something to divide the fields and mark prison and flag zone
  • Number of people:
    10 or more
  • Messiness factor:
    depends on you
Short description

There are two teams. Each one has a flag and they try to steal it from eachother. But you need to be sneaky so you will not get caught by the other team.


It is a tactical game where you need to form two groups who are the same size and power. Every group has its own field where you have a spot for the flag and a prison. When the game starts the teams are allowed to pass the border to the other team´s ground. You can catch the enemy team on your fround and can be caught on their´s. Then you go to prison and can be freed by a teem member of your team, who is free and high-fives you. Then you two can go back to your field without getting caught. The goal of the game is it to get both flags on your ground. If you are in the area 1 meter around the enemy flag you can´t be caught. When you have both flags on your territory then the game is finished.