Fisher’s mouth

  • Category:
    Group & Team games
  • General location:
    anywhere it doesn't matter if it gets wet ;)
  • Equipment needed:
    - bucket
    - water
    - waterproof items to fish out
    - scarf to tie up hands
    - watch
    (- towel)
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    prepare the cleaning utensils
Short description

In this game you have to fish something out of a bucket: with just your mouth! The game is a lot of fun, especially for those who watch.


Take a big bucket and fill it with water. Then put in some waterproof items on the bottom of the bucket. Then choose one player to start. Tie up his or her hands. He or she then has 20 seconds to try fish something out of the bucket: with just his or her mouth! After those it is the next one's turn. In the end the person with the most items wins.

Tip: Take a transparent bucket so you can see the divers face :)

Variation 1: you can make teams and than fill two buckets. Two players play against each other at the same time and the faster person of those two gets a point. The group with most points wins.

Variation 2: fill the buckets with mud, flour, ...