Fruit salad

  • Category:
    Group & Team games
  • General location:
    anywhere with enough space
  • Equipment needed:
    no equipment needed
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    not messy at all
Short description

In this game everybody choses a fruit he or she wants to be. There are fruits called out and a person in the middle must try to catch the right person.


All the players stand in a circle around one player.

What the players do:
Each player must choose a fruit to be, such as banana, strawberry, watermelon, grape, orange, or cherry, ..., then everybody tells what fruit he or she is. One of the players in the circle starts by telling one of the mentioned fruits. That person says the next fruit and so on. If one calls out a fruit which is not used in the game he or she needs to go into the middle.

What the person in the middle does:
When everybody tells which fruit he or she is the person in the middle has to remember all the fruits to the right persons. When a fruit is told he or she has to touch the person the fruit belongs to. If he or she catches the right person the caught person needs to go inside the circle and the game continues with the same fruit but another person in the middle.

Attention: there can never be two people the same fruit!
Tip: You need to wait between telling the next fruit when you are called out so the peron in the middle has some time to think.