Hidden identity

  • Category:
    Word games
  • General location:
    can be played anywhere
  • Equipment needed:
    - bowl
    - paper
    - pens
    - watch
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    slightly messy
Short description

In this game you get a name sticked on your head and then you have to try to guess who you are. But be careful, you only have 30 seconds!


At first each player has to write down 5 names of famous people (can also be more or less). Encourage them not to make it too easy! Then you put the papers into a bowl. The first player pulls a name out of the bowl and sticks it on his or her head. Then he or she asks the player next to her or him things which can be answered with yes or no. The other person is not allowed to say anything else! Each round is limited to 30 seconds, so if the player has it in these 30 seconds he or she gets a point. In both cases, if he or she has it or not it is the next players turn. You play until all the names were played.