Mousy mouse

  • General location:
    anywhere with enough space
  • Equipment needed:
    (can be played with chairs)
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    slightly messy
Short description

One person sits on somebody and this person has to squeek like a little mouse, so the person who is sitting on him or her can find out who he or she is.


Everyone sits in a circle with one player blindfold in the middle. The blindfolded player walks around the circle, chooses somebody to sit on and says 'mousy mouse squeek'. The person who is sit on, the "mouse", then makes a squeaking noise and the blindfolded player must guess who it is. If the guess is correct the blindfolded player swaps places with the mouse, who starts the game again. If the guess is incorrect the blindfolded player has to walk around again to sit on someone else.

Players should regularly switch places to confuse the blindfolded person.