Object guessing

  • General location:
    can be played anywhere
  • Equipment needed:
    - 25 objects
    - pot eg. tray or bowl
    - pencils
    - papers
    - scarf
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    slightly messy
Short description

This is a funny game to make the players think a bit. The game needs a little time of preperation.


Before the game starts the game leader fills a pot with 25 small objects lying around in your environment like coins, scissors, or anything else small which can still be seen very well. Once the game leader is ready, he or she covers the pot with a scarf or a napkin, sets it in the middle of the mob of players & gives each player a pen & a piece of paper. The game leader removes the scarf & gives them 60 seconds to concentrate on the objects without writing them down, then covers the pot again & asks them to list as many objects as they can. When everyone has finished, he or she removes the scarf once more, asks who listed the most items & has him or her read the list aloud to check. For variation you can pick a topic & only put things related to the chosen topic into the pot.