Smile throwing

  • General location:
    can be played anywhere
  • Equipment needed:
    no equipment needed
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    not messy at all
Short description

This is an easy game which is all about laughing and can be used to eliminate time.


Start this game by having one player smile widely at the others before using his or her hand to wipe the smile away, replacing it with a straight face, and gesture as if throwing the smile at another player. The receiver catches the smile, plastering it across his or her own face, and repeats the process. Play continues as the smile is tossed around, and players are eliminated if they show so much as a smirk out of turn, until a winner is left.

Tip: Try the trick with different expressions, like a frown, a face of disgust, or a look of shock...