• Category:
    Skill games
  • General location:
    everywhere where water is no problem - so probably outside is the best
  • Equipment needed:
    long sticks as staves / bamboo canes
    sisal / rubber bands
  • Number of people:
  • Messiness factor:
    slightly messy
Short description

Build a tripod with your pioneering skills to keep a candle next to a hanging water balloon to make it burst after a while.


The aim of this game is to use a candle to burn through a water balloon, which should then extinguish the candle. To start, hang water baloons at various heights from the ceiling. Split your Scouts into teams and draw a base line some distance away from the balloons. Provide staves and sisal (or bamboo canes and rubber bands), as well as one candle anda a match per team. The challenge is to make a pioneering structure such as a tripod, plus a long pole tied with sheer lashings, to reach the balloon from the base line. The structure should be used to hold the candle and position it beneath a balloon. Meanwhile the pole can be used to move the structure into place and then to hold the match.