Shouting Challenges


Here in Ludesch we often use the Pomalaka shout because it's really funny for everyone:). The Lyrics: Pomalaka Pomalaka Pau Pau Pau. Tschikiriki Tschikiriki Tschau Tschau Tschau. Pomalaka Tschikiriki Tschüss Bomba die Ludescher sind da, HURRA!!!

Tschiga liga

This shout is called the Tschiga liga. We usually do it to thank somebody for something. Here are the lyrics: Tschiga liga tschiga liga tschau tschau tschau bumma laga bumma laga bau bau bau tschiga liga bumma laga tschis bum bas Rankweils (name of my group, you can add your names group instead) Pfadiiii (means scouts) hurra!

Lustenauer Senf

This is a shout about the most famous & tasty mustard of Austria. (senf=mustard) Lustenau is a town in Vorarlberg where the mustard is produced. You just shout the sentence three times in a row: "Lustenauer, Lustenauer Senf Senf Senf!"


This shout is about the Wurzelma. The legend tells that the Wurzelma is a little man who walks around in the mountains all over the world. Nobody has really seen him but everybody knows that he exists. I can recommend the shout, it is pretty much fun really! Especially when you are 'round a campfire ;) So when you do the shout of the Wurzelma you can first tell a…

Ram tam dada

This is a cool shout which is done with movements. When we were a little younger we ALWAYS did it in camps (even when it didn't suit the situation :) ). Learn it, we promise that it's fun!!! Ah yes, one little thing: you have to get faster & faster everytime you do it. There will be somebody who can't do it everytime. Let's see who is the fastest of…